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About Portland is Beautiful

About Portland is Beautiful
Photo by peter bucks / Unsplash

Portland is Beautiful is a publication produced by Wayne Olson, a local Portland resident and principal broker at Olson Group Real Estate, LLC.

Here you'll find updates and analysis of the Portland real estate market and anything and everything that makes Portland a beautiful place to live—

...because we all need to be reminded of the things we love so much about our city and that, indeed, Portland is Beautiful.

More than a decade ago I moved to Portland, trading in the endless warmth and sun of southern California (as many residents of Portland have) for the wet but gorgeous greenery of the Pacific Northwest.

And I'm glad I did.

Portland truly is a beautiful city. There are people who would take me to task over that assessment, yes. But while we are not without our problems here (like any large city), Portland fundamentally is a beautiful place; and it's beautiful because of the richness of its culture and the people who make Portland their home.

In fact, one would be hard pressed to argue that it's not one of many reasons why the Portland area has seen some of the highest net migration from out-of-state residents compared to other large metropolitan areas in the country.

But I digress.

In publishing Portland is Beautiful, my aim is not only to keep you informed about the local area and the crazy hot housing market we've had for nearly the last decade, but to inspire you to remember what it is you truly love and loved about this great city we call Portland.

To a better Portland and the one we love today,